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Privacy Policy

Bee Hive Holdings, Inc. (BHH) respects your privacy. We are committed to protecting your privacy. This Policy (“Internet Privacy Policy”) establishes how BHH may collect information from you when you visit our website or when you use our online services, including our payment services. It is very important for you to be informed of this Policy, as well as other procedures and security methods that BHH has in place when you utilize our services.

We automatically receive and record information on our server logs, or those server logs from a third-party provider, from your browser, including your IP (Internet Protocol) Address, Cookies / Cookie information and page(s) you visited. BHH will not sell Client or Customer Information, or your personally identifiable information, to anyone. We may collect Client Information when you visit our web site.

IP Address

An IP Address (“Internet Protocol Address”) is a unique address that devices use to communicate with, and identify, one another on a computer network(s). An IP Address can uniquely identify a specific computer or a network device(s) on a computer network. BHH may, at its option, use IP Addresses to monitor login activity. It may also use your IP Address for identification purposes when needed to conduct security investigations.

Cookies, or Cookie Information

A Cookie (or, Cookie Information) is a text file sent by a web server, which is stored on your hard drive or your computer’s memory, or within your computer browser, in order that it may be reread at a later time. Cookies are a basic or standard way for a server to readily identify the computer you happen to use at a particular period of time. Cookies may be used, variously and, for example, to facilitate online payments, purchases or procurements of goods or services OR to personalize web page access and initiation. Cookies may help web sites, including BHH web sites, recognize return visitors and facilitate financial transactions, including those utilized by BHH.

Client Information

Client Information means personally identifiable information about a consumer or Client or former consumer or former Client of BHH.

In order to provide our services to our Clients, BHH may use Third Party Providers. These Third-Party Providers may provide services to BHH, including but not limited to website hosting, bill payment (credit card) services, and / or account aggregation services. This Policy may be updated from time-to-time as BHH develops new products and / or services or as BHH may find it necessary, in its sole discretion, to develop and implement changes to this Policy.

Further, this Policy may be augmented by other privacy policies that BHH may have implemented or will implement.

Information Collected by DBS on the Internet

BHH does not request Client Information (personally identifiable information) if you are merely browsing through our website. To be sure, we do not collect Client Information unless you volunteer such information and provide such information to BHH.

If you send BHH an email, if you apply and / or sign our Terms and Conditions, or if you provide payment information to us, you are volunteering personally identifiable information. If you provide BHH with such personally identifiable information, we will only use it internally and to further the purpose to which it was intended.

In the course of providing its services, BHH may obtain information about its Clients and visitors to our website from various sources, including, but not limited to, applications, forms, emails, consumer reporting agencies, and electronically generated information from website visits.

Third Party Providers of services may collect general information on BHH’s websites for security, data-gathering or analytical purposes, including, for example, visit durations, Internet addresses, website access times / dates, web browser versions, IP Addresses, and website pages visited. Cookies may be used to collect such information.

Use of Information Collected

BHH may disclose information collected to Third Party Providers who, for example, are required for bill payments. We may disclose information collected via our website as required or permitted by law, in connection with a subpoena, to prevent fraud, or in the course of a security investigation. We may also disclose such information when we have your consent, including your direct or indirect consent, as through an aggregation provider (aggregation suppliers consolidate information from several sources into one online location). If you revoke such consent to an aggregation supplier, you must contact BHH to help us assure you that such aggregation supplier cannot access your personally identifiable information or your BHH account information.

Phishing Emails and Internet Scams

Criminals often use Phishing emails sent to request recipients to provide personally identifiable information, including BHH Client Information, or credit card numbers, Tax ID Numbers, Social Security Numbers, access information, passcodes. Often such Phishing emails contain links to fraudulent websites.

BHH urges its Clients or website visitors to be careful and cautious if they receive emails with links purporting to be from BHH. Know that BHH will never ask for personally identifiable information about you in an email; do not respond to an email purportedly sent from us, requesting personally identifiable information. If you send BHH an email, DO NOT provide any of your personally identifiable information in such an email.


Client payment and Client Information is always safe by industry standards. Our Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software is the industry standard, and it is among the best software available at present for secure commerce transactions on the Internet. It encrypts all of your personally identifiable information, including your credit card number, name, and address, such that it cannot be read over the Internet.

Privacy of Children

BHH respects the privacy of children. We adhere to the COPPA (“Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act”). We do not knowingly collect the names, email addresses or personally identifiable information from children, nor does BHH knowingly market to children or knowingly allow children to do business or open accounts with us.

Effective Date of this Policy

The Effective Date of this Policy is January 1, 2019.

This Policy may be updated, and published anew with a new Effective Date, from time-to-time, as required, for example, by law or to improve Services. If such updates relate to the use or disclosure of Client Information, we will provide our Clients with prior notice and the opportunity to opt-out of such disclosure, if required by law.